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Ready to be a SHSMD Social Media Engagement Advocate?

This year, after several years on the committee, I am serving as co-chair of SHSMD’s Digital Engagement Task Force. One of the projects I have been helping to spearhead has been the development of a SHSMD Social Media Advocates Program. It was rewarding to see SHSMD send out the announcement today, letting its members know about the new program. Below is the body of that announcement. Let me say, any of you who are fluent social media users, please consider joining me as social media advocates at this year’s SHSMD Connections Conference.


SHSMD is piloting a SHSMD Social Media Engagement Advocate program for SHSMD Connections 2018. The goal of the program is to more widely promote the conference, increase engagement on social media and involve people like you – SHSMD’s dedicated followers!

Operationally, the concept is relatively simple: volunteers will serve as advocates on social media and will actively post content about the conference – before, during and after the event. Ideally, each advocate will post on a variety of platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.).

You may be asking, what’s in it for me? Well, as an advocate, you will be in a position to share the best of SHSMD Connections 2018 with others who may not be there, helping to spread new knowledge and cast new insights for the continuous advancement of those in the strategy professions.

Here’s what being an advocate looks like:

Leading up to the conference

  • Post about presenters and presentations you are looking forward to
  • Post about why you chose to attend the conference.
  • Post on a variety of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

During SHSMD Connections in Seattle

  • Attend sessions and share relevant content and key takeaways.
  • Continue to share content on a variety of social platforms.
  • Share content in a variety of formats: written narrative, photos, video clips etc.
  • Attend sessions with a plan to write a blog post to be considered for the SHSMD’s Viewpoint: Strategies for Success blog.

Post Conference

  • Submit a title and short description of your favorite session; if accepted you will submit a blog.
  • Continue posting on social media about what you learned and what you hope to apply from the conference. What were your real world learnings that you can put into action at your organization?

How do you become an advocate? Fill out this form to express your interest. SHSMD will connect with you to provide more details and if you’re still interested, we will sign you up! It’s that simple.

So, are you ready to be a SHSMD Social Media Engagement Advocate? Sign up!

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