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Sometimes The Best Ideas Are Simple Ideas

Earlier this year, our team was preparing to attend the annual conference of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo), and we needed an idea to freshen up our exhibit booth. Any time we head to one of these conferences, we are one of many marketing firms who are there as sponsors. It’s always our goal to differentiate ourselves by creating a booth that captures the attention of attendees and sets us apart. The prior year, the conference took place on Cape Cod, so our booth was a beach scene fully equipped with beach chairs, a big beach umbrella, a sandcastle, Frisbees, and a corn hole game.

For the 2018 NESHCo Conference, we started our planning process by talking about doing a selfie station. Rather than just create a selfie station, we decided to create a cover for the fictitious New England Magazine. This particular issue of the publication featured the New England Healthcare Marketer of the Year on its cover! The other stories referenced on the magazine cover tied in with the NESHCo Conference. As you might imagine, we managed to slip our logo onto the cover. Our hope was that these selfies would be shared on social media by conference attendees. Additionally, the selfie station gave people something to do when they came to our booth, rather than face another sales pitch.

This selfie station was a really simple idea and inexpensive to execute. It did its job by generating buzz at the conference and by making our booth something unique and creative. The key to making this happen was taking a moment, actually slowing down, and brainstorming a new approach – rather than simply doing what we’ve always done. Often the easiest things to do as a marketer is to just replicate what you’ve done in the past. Coming up with something new can seem daunting, but can yield great results.

In closing, here are some other photos of Healthcare Marketers of the Year:

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