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Don’t Count Blogs Out

You know the saying: “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” I run into a lot of healthcare marketing professionals who believe the day of the blog as a useful, strategic marketing tool has come and gone. It is understandable; blogs have been around for a long time. But my belief is that blogs are not dead; in fact, their death has been greatly exaggerated.

Despite my professional experience launching blogs for health systems and hospitals, and the data that comes from managing the blogs, I catch myself wondering if blogs are still relevant. Yes, I experience self-doubt. That’s why I was excited to see a post on the MySHSMD Online Community asking exactly this question: Are hospital blogs effective marketing tools? It was a great question! See the post below.

Of course, my response was that blogs are like any other marketing tool; their effectiveness depends upon your strategic objectives and the audience you are seeking to influence. See my response below.

Here’s a link to Renown Health’s CEO video blog that I mentioned in my response to Katherine. The blog has been a huge success for Renown. Some of the posts from Dr. Slonim have as many as 18,000 views. Although the blog was originally developed to help grow Renown’s reputation regionally and nationally with industry leaders and influencers, an unintended consequence has been a significant impact on Renown Health’s internal audience – the organization’s employees. Through the blog, they get to hear their CEO speak to a range of issues that are important to him, in a way that most health system employees are not typically afforded.

Back to the MySHSMD conversation: What I found exciting, and what I love about online communities, was that other professionals chimed in and shared their own experiences with hospital blogs. It was so affirming to hear their stories. I’ve posted screenshots of several of the comments below, but I’ve removed the contact information of each individual who posted.

Post #1:

Post #2:

Post #3:

I love the fact that healthcare marketing strategists use the MySHSMD Online Community to share their experiences and knowledge. I also loved hearing these professionals confirm my belief (and experience) that blogs are indeed still relevant! So this online conversation was affirming in two ways. If you haven’t ever visited the MySHSMD community, I encourage you to do so. Check it out.

1 comment on “Don’t Count Blogs Out

  1. At the end of the day, you have to remember what a blog really is. A blog at its core is a simple way to regularly publish content. When you frame it like that, will we ever reach a point where regularly posted content won’t be important? The answer is of course not. So, whether we call it a blog or something else, the concept of regularly sharing content will likely never die.

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