Stop “Grabbing” the Wrong Word

Over the last several years, I’ve noticed that people use the word “grab” in all kinds of situations. Frankly, it drives me crazy. I once had a coworker who, when ordering dinner in a restaurant, would say to the waiter: “I’ll grab the seared Tuna steak.” It seems like a callous use of languge.

Today, I see it and hear it all the time. People are grabbing and being encouraged to grab all kinds of things. I saw this poster for Camden Foods at the Raleigh-Durham Airport last week. I honestly can’t tell you why I have such a strong aversion to this particular use of language, but I know that I am not alone. Here’s a link to a terrific blog post written by Janice Brown, back in 2012. That should give you a clue just how long this trend has been building. Janice writes a blog called The Fussy Marketer. This particular blog post was titled: A Whole Lotta Grabbin’ Going On, in Marketing. Here’s a segment from her post, but I encourage you to visit her blog and read the post in its entiretly.

I am an adult. I don’t grab, unless it’s an emergency. I may grab to keep someone from walking into the path of a speeding car. Or to prevent my favorite piece of crystal from hitting the floor. But otherwise, I live a grab-free life. By design. 

“Grab” is yet another useful word ruined by overuse and misuse. To the extent that when I hear the word – in an advertisement, in a retail transaction, in a conversation or in a news headline – I immediately tune out.  And usually take my business or attention elsewhere.

(Source: The Fussy Marketer blog, March 29, 2012)

Have you noticed this trend? What are your thoughts? Maybe we can grab a coffee together and talk about it.

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