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Good Days Happen

Two weeks ago I had this weird sense of anxiety or foreboding – not at all typical for me. Honestly, I have no idea what provoked it. Maybe it was connected to my cat Nemo recently passing away. He was a great creature. He had been my friend for 15 years and loved hanging out with me, watching ESPN and drinking (sipping) good craft beer. He had a discerning palate. Whatever the cause, I could not shake that sense of dread. Thank goodness the 4th of July holiday came along and I had a few days off of work. My wife and I spent three days at Isle of Palms, SC and visited our daughter in nearby Charleston. That seemed to perk me up. I spent three days sitting under an umbrella at the beach, reading trashy novels, eating good food and catching up with my daughter. The perfect cure!

When I returned to work last Thursday (July 5), the sense of dread was long gone and it was business as usual. Thank goodness.

A New Week: I knew this week was going to be a good week because today (Tuesday) I am heading to Portland, Maine on a consulting engagement. What I didn’t know was what a great start to the week I would have. Mondays at the office can be drudgery with lots of internal meetings and conference calls. It can be a tough way to start the week; however, this Monday was awesome! Here are three great things that happened on Monday:

Good Thing #1: To start out, I finally finished an article I’d been working on for Richard Cohen of Healthcare Marketing Report. Richard had been kind to extend the deadline (originally June 30) so I could spend a little more time tweaking the article. I’m fortunate to have a great team at Jennings – and some strong editors among them. Kate and Meghan went through the article yesterday, made edits and suggested changes that vastly improved the piece. I was then able to send it off to Richard and cross that off my list! In the next few months, look for my article on Asynchronous Focus Groups in Healthcare Marketing Report.

Good Thing #2: Yesterday I received word that our clients won a total of 12 awards in the 2018 Videographer Awards Competition. Everything we entered won an award. Earlier in the month, we learned that our clients won 17 Telly Awards, so the recognition of our video storytelling keeps rolling in! In our business, awards don’t really count for much. They don’t get you new clients and they don’t pay the bills, but they do give us much-needed affirmation. I welcome that.

Good Thing #3: Finally, I received an email from Gienna Shaw, a writer I have known for years who now writes for Health System Specialist, a Financial Times publication, to let me know that they had published an article that focuses extensively on one of my client’s organizations – Renown Health in Reno, Nevada. The article, titled “The Future of Health System Marketing: Magnetic CEOs and Bold Community Outreach,” focuses on the leadership of Dr. Tony Slonim, Renown Health’s CEO and chief visionary. This article grew out of a conversation Gienna and I had back in May for another story she was working on about branding large health systems. It was very rewarding to see this new story come to life! Congrats to my friends at Renown for the well-deserved coverage.

Now I’m off to Portland, Maine. I’ve heard the weather this week is amazing. By this time tomorrow, I’ll be eating those world-famous Holy Donuts!

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