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Podcasts for Healthcare Marketers

At some point, when I wasn’t looking, the podcast came of age. It probably happened a few years ago. I was always a fan of the Arrogant Healthcare Marketer Bastards Podcast (Chris Bevolo), but that was really the extent of my healthcare marketing-related podcast consumption. That is no longer the case!

Today, I have added new podcasts to my repertoire; at the top of the list is Jared Johnson and co-host Peter Balistrieri’s Healthcare Rap Podcast. It is fast paced, informative and entertaining. Last week I filled as a co-host on the podcast. It was kind of like what I imagine it’s like appearing on the Tonight Show or the Late Show. Jared (even better than Jimmy Fallon) and I talked about misperceptions related to marketing’s role in the development of new technologies and innovations in healthcare. The time flew. I definitely encourage you to check out the Healthcare Rap Podcast. And if you haven’t seen Jared speak at a conference, please check him out at your next opportunity.

Not too long ago I wrote a post about Chris Boyer and Reed Smith’s touch•point Podcast. This is another one of my favorites. It’s an engaging podcast focused on digital marketing within healthcare. Chris and Reed were kind to invite me to appear on an episode of the podcast recorded live at the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit (#HMPS18) in early April 2018. We even had a small studio audience on hand for the recording. When I listen to this podcast, I feel as if I’m sitting right there with them. That’s as good as it gets.

Another podcast worth checking out is the Get Social Health podcast, hosted by my friend Janet Kennedy. As you might imagine, the focus of the podcast is healthcare social media. Janet does a great job of recruiting really smart guests for each episode. Recent guests have included David Harlow, Jess Columbo, Peter Shankman and Mari Smith.

And just for fun, if you’ve never checked it out, I recommend spending some time with the TEDTalks Health Podcast. It is health related, rather than healthcare marketing related, but certainly applies to our business.

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