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Healing Environments: How Far We’ve Come

I’ve written in the past about the importance of creating healing environments. I hope it is apparent to everyone that not all clinical settings are healing environments. In fact, not long ago, most inpatient facilities were not designed with the needs of the patient and family in mind, beyond basic medical considerations. In various posts over the years, I’ve shared the work of Renown Health, a group of Vermont hospitals, the James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital, and many more. These hospitals are integrating healing elements including art, music and natural light into the care environment.

This week I’ve been working at the state-of-the-art Signature Healthcare/Beth Israel Deaconess Greene Cancer Center in southeastern Massachusetts. As I travel the halls of this new facility, I am so appreciative of the art and light that fills the space. Beyond that, this inviting space was designed to deliver an exceptional patient experience, giving patients access to radiation oncology and medical oncology service all on the same floor. Below are a few photos that I took with my iPhone.

The Greene Cancer Center is truly a healing environment. This experience made me think of a conversation I had with Dr. Tony Slonim, CEO of Renown Health, about Renowns efforts to integrate music, light, and art into the care setting. Below is the edited video that came from that conversation where we spoke about the importance of creating healing environments. Enjoy. If you’d like to hear more from Dr. Slonim and view his videos, I invite you to check out his CEO blog. Dr. Slonim is a friend, client, and mentor – a physician executive and thought leader whom I greatly respect.

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