“If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter.”  – French mathematician and philosopher, Blaise Pascal.

About a week ago, at the annual conference of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo), my firm’s creative director and lead copywriter won The Owen J. McNamara Award for writing excellence. The McNamara Award is a “best-of-the-best” recognition for writing, with the winner being selected from the shortlist of award winners of the various writing categories.

What’s amazing to me is how few words were involved in the winning entry. The entry was a series of business card-sized brand affirmation cards that were part of Spectrum Healthcare Partners internal brand launch. Each card contained under 12 words of copy and a logo. That was it. In fewer than 12 words, the copy captured the spirit and tonality of the Spectrum Brand. When you read them, they are truly affirmations. I love that! Here are a few samples:

Today we will be great. We are Spectrum.

When we work as one, amazing things happen. We are Spectrum.

Choose to be part of something bigger. We are Spectrum.

Sign on to a better way in healthcare. We are Spectrum.

We are strong and dedicated. We are Spectrum.

Together, our possibilities are limitless. We are Spectrum.

If you Google “Brand Affirmation Cards” you will find that there are no results. The idea of affirmation cards has existed for some time, but no one (to my knowledge) has applied the idea to a brand launch – not in healthcare; not in any industry. Our creative team at Jennings came up with the idea of using affirmation cards as a tool for conveying important aspects of the brand to employees of the organization. To their credit, the clients at Spectrum Healthcare Partners quickly recognized the power of the idea, and the notions of the brand affirmation and “Brand Affirmation Card” were born. (By the way, Spectrum Healthcare Partners won two Gold Lamplighter Awards and a national Gold Aster Award for their Brand Affirmation Cards.)

This is a great example of being creative. These brand affirmation cards enriched Spectrum’s internal brand launch, adding an element that employees could engage and carry away from the event. Awesome!

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