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NESHCo Conference Begins This Sunday, May 20th

One of my favorite healthcare marketing events of the year, the annual conference of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications, takes place in a few days in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Because the conference starts on Sunday, and I’ve got a NESHCo board meeting earlier that day, I will be flying up Saturday late afternoon. It seems like we were just at Cape Cod for the 2017 conference. Where do the years go? Here are some of my photos from last year’s event. Like most conferences I attend, this one is all about the people. I feel such an affinity for this organization and its members.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of next week (May 20-22), I will be blogging and Tweeting from the NESHCo Conference. Sunday afternoon we have a pre-conference workshop followed by the opening reception and dinner hosted by Jennings and SilverTech. This is our third year in a row hosting the event together. Monday is packed with sessions, followed by the annual Lamplighter Awards cocktail event and awards dinner. It’s always exciting to see our clients have their names called and then go up and accept their awards in front of their peers. This year, at least seven of our New England clients should end the evening as award recipients.

On Tuesday morning, I will play a role NESHCo’s new Emerging Leaders Program by participating in a panel discussion with other leaders from healthcare organizations, talking about our career paths, our choices with regard to leadership opportunities, and our tips for success. I believe the keys to success that I will discuss include:

  • Read daily about your industry; if you do that, you’ll be ahead of everyone else.
  • Find a mentor!
  • Work harder than everyone else. Showing up is a huge part of success.
  • Take initiative and endeavor to learn what you don’t know.
  • Create a career plan and follow it.

I hope to see you at the NESHCo Conference. If not, I’ll catch you at SHSMD in October or HCIC in November!


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