#pinksocks Transforming Healthcare

The #Pinksocks Movement in Healthcare

As I travel around the country speaking at conferences, I find that most healthcare marketers and communicators are not yet aware of the #pinksocks movement and what it represents. It is an important movement, so I thought I would use this blog post to fill you in. That way, the next time you’re at a conference and you see someone wearing these crazy pinks socks with black mustaches on them, you’ll know why! (FYI – much of the content for this post was borrowed from PinkSocks.Life, the online home of the #pinksocks movement.)

Amy Jose, Colin Hung and I are modeling our #pinksocks at the 2018 #HITMC conference.

Members of the #pinksocks tribe share a “belief that we can do our part to make a positive impact on the world and change it for the better;” and for me, that starts with healthcare. We recognize that in “healthcare we have allowed technology to get in our way instead of using it to help us do the things that we all desire: to connect with each other at a human level, to share in each other’s stories with compassion and empathy, and to work together as one.” Interestingly, the movement is very strong in the Healthcare IT community and #HITMC.

Within the #pinksocks tribe, we share the same passion for “improving health, humanizing healthcare, investing in public health, addressing social determinants of health, advocating for health policy improvements and change, and thinking of innovative ways to create a better cohesive integrated health system.” Each of us works within our organizations to make that happen.

My #pinksocks shipment!

Gifting and generosity are important themes within the #pinksocks movement. Most people are gifted their socks from one of the established members of the #pinksocks tribe. I received mine from my good friend, Colin Hung. Now I make it a habit of taking a stash of #pinksocks with me to conferences so I can share the magic with others. When I’m wearing my #pinksocks with a suit, people want to know what’s up with the #pinksocks. That is my opening to tell the #pinksocks story. Of course, we also Tweet photos of the clan wearing #pinksocks! The socks and Twitter connect us and help us to share the magic.

One of the coolest guys in the healthcare business, Nick Adkins, is a founder and primary standard bearer of this movement. He’s an amazing guy and I strongly recommend you follow him on Twitter: @nickisnpdx. He is a never ending source of positive energy and good vibes. For more insights into the #pinksocks movement, check out this article that Dan Munro wrote about Nick.

My hope is that you’ve got a pair of #pinksocks in your future!


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2 comments on “The #Pinksocks Movement in Healthcare

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  2. Sherri LaCroix

    I feel so strongly about the #pinksocks movement that I am giving my pink socks to a person that I feel truly represent what the pink sock movement is teaching. I am doing this as I am leaving my current position in the hospital and returning to home care where I feel I can best serve the people. After explaining the #pinksock movement I am sure this person will pass on to our healthcare workers what this movement is all about. I would love to have another pair if I could so I can continue to alert and educate people that I run into when they see my #pinksocks
    Thank you for teaching me the importance of doing my part to assist in the transformation of healthcare and improving my practice.

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