Last night I pulled the Twitter analytics for the first two days (April 4 & 5) of the 2018 Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference from Symplur. The analytics are based on individuals using the official conference hashtag (#HITMC).

On April 4th and 5th, 318 unique account holders Tweeted using the #HITMC hashtag. They generated 2,714 Tweets leading to more than 13 million potential impressions. What impressed me most is the fact that more than 300 people Tweeted using the #HITMC hashtag. Clearly, the subject matter resonates with people beyond the walls of the conference.

I also looked at the top influencers at #HITMC. Influencers are ranked by Tweet volume, mentions, and healthcare social graph score. I find that the lists of top influencers often helps me identify people I should be following on Twitter. Several of the charts from the Symplur report are shared below. Enjoy!


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