Well over a year ago, my firm conducted a brand assessment for a healthcare organization that was facing some serious organizational culture and internal communication issues related to rapid growth. I’ll confess that one of the drawbacks of being a consultant is that organizations will invest in an assessment and an extensive report full of solid recommendations, but then will put the report in a drawer and the recommendations never see the light of day. It happens way too often. What is so satisfying about our engagement with this particular organization is that they immediately worked to share our findings with their team (great transparency), and then set out to bring our recommendations to life, showing their staff that their commitment to positive change is real.

This same client invited members of the Jennings Team to attend an all-staff meeting that was held earlier this week. During that meeting, where employees from five different sites were conferenced in, the client rolled out elements of their new internal brand campaign. It was such a pleasure to sit there among the employees and see their faces as they watched the new brand video that we produced. The clients also distributed hard copies of the organization’s new brand book that was developed by our staff. For me, the beautiful thing is that the brand campaign was inspired by insights gathered through one-on-one interviews and focus groups with these employees. When the client presented the campaign, the staff knew that they had participated in the process – and they had been heard! And most importantly, the employees have seen real change – not just good internal communication. Substantive change.

Not every project works out this way, but it feels great when a client makes the most of an opportunity. I get no satisfaction from writing extensive reports. The satisfaction comes from seeing an organization overcome a significant challenge or maximize an untapped opportunity. I want action and measurable results. It is not enough to keep churning work. Don’t you agree?

2 comments on “A Proud Moment

  1. Such a great post, Dan! Congratulations to Jennings for helping this company achieve their goals and move the needle!

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