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Digging Into Your Hospital’s Twitter Metrics

(Examples of data available through Twitter Analytics)

Last week I was doing some digging into Twitter metrics for one of my firm’s clients, and I found myself using many of the same free services that I’ve used for the last decade. Of course, I started with Twitter Analytics, but I like the data visualization offered by some of these other services. And frankly, some of them look at data from a different perspective than Twitter. The data on Twitter are pretty straightforward. You get data on impressions, profile visits, mentions, followers, Tweets, engagement rate, link clicks, Retweets, likes, etc.  But you won’t get a world map that shows where your followers live. For that, you need to go to someplace like Followerwonk. At followerwonk, they’ll also give you your organization’s social authority score.

Check out some of the chart below provided by Followerwork.

I think it is always valuable to look at when your followers are most active online and then compare that to when you are actually posting. Often you will see an opportunity!

We could debate the value of social authority scores, but it is cool to see the makeup of your follower pool. Are they influencers? Does it matter whether or not they’re influencers? This might be more important for your CEO’s Twitter account.

How many followers does each of your followers have?

For each of your followers, how many people/accounts are they following?

Among your followers, how long have they been on Twitter?

How many times have your followers Tweeted?

To give you an idea of the variety of data visualization options available, here are some charts from Twitonomy:

Another tool I’ve used for years is TweetReach. It’s a great tool for looking at the popularity of a specific hashtag or Twitter handle.


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