Over the years, I’ve written blog posts and presented at conferences where I discussed the power of video in content marketing. Each time my firm (Jennings) produces a new batch of videos for a healthcare client, I learn this lesson all over again. Video, if done well, can be so compelling.

Below is a batch of videos we recently created for a pediatric dental and orthodontics practice. (Yes, we occasionally work for dental groups in additional to all of the hospital, health system and physician practice marketing we do. In fact, years ago, we developed the brand identity for Clifton & Mauney. Check out their logo up above.) These videos are highly cost effective – which means they didn’t cost a ton of money to produce and they are generating the level of interest we anticipated. The end result of this video production process is highly credible and compelling marketing that the practice is leveraging across a number of platforms. Of course, one of my favorite things is that we captured the patients’ voices and allowed them to tell the story from their perspective. Check out these videos!






1 comment on “The Authenticity of Video

  1. Nothing quite like video to add a personal touch and a human face to your practice/agency. We’ve used it to great success in connecting with our clients.

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