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Say Goodbye to Storify

A few days ago I received notification that Storify will cease to exist after May 16, 2018. Storify has been one of my favorite content sharing platforms over the last several years. It allowed you to created stories by pulling content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. The content is then aggregated and organized in chronological order within your story. I’ve found Storify to be a great tool for curating Tweets from special events, conferences, Twitter chats and around a specific hashtag. One feature I loved was a sharing function that sent out Tweets notifying individuals that you had shared their content in your story. As of May, Storify will join Vine, Digg, Eons, Meerkat, and many others who each failed for one reason or another. Here are some important dates to be aware of if you are a Storify user:

December 12, 2017
 •   No new accounts can be created on
May 1, 2018
 •   No new stories can be created
May 16, 2018, 5pm PST
 •   Last opportunity to export content using the export functionality on
 •   All site functionality will be removed
 •   Customer support will be discontinued

For more information, read the full FAQ: Please contact with any questions.

Finally, as I reflect upon Storify’s demise, I want to take this moment to remind you that rumors of Twitters death appear to have been premature. Twitter is still alive and kicking, for the time being. Long live Twitter!

1 comment on “Say Goodbye to Storify

  1. Hi Dan, thank you for your write-up on the demise of Storify and I’d love to share with you Sutori. We’re a storytelling platform primarily used in education but we’ve just launched a simple importer for your Storify stories to keep them around:

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