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Blogging and Tweeting from the ATLAS Conference: September 19–20, 2017

September 19–20, I’ll be blogging and Tweeting from the 2017 ATLAS Conference in Boston. ATLAS stands for the Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium. This will be my first time attending the event and I approach it with great anticipation. I’m particularly interested in hearing more about engaging patients through digital innovation.

For those of you who are not familiar with this symposium, ATLAS is a leading patient access conference for hospital and health system leaders. Through a variety of engaging presentations, panels, breakout sessions, and networking events, attendees will share best practices on enhancing patient access, improving the patient experience, driving digital innovation, and optimizing provider network management. ATLAS promises to provide each of us with a unique opportunity to engage with industry peers and gain powerful insights to take back to our organizations.

Presentations will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Reducing referral leakage across provider networks
  • Enhancing & driving consistency in the patient experience across channels
  • Centralizing & scaling access operations
  • Improving clinical outcomes through better patient-provider matching
  • Building & managing integrated provider networks
  • Engaging patients through digital innovation

Next week, I invite you to follow along by reviewing my posts and Tweets from the conference.

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