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Waiting for Health Equity – The Graphic Novel

I love it when organizations develop non-traditional communication tools to accomplish their objectives. That is certainly the case with the Center for Health Progress’ new graphic novel. In the past I’ve written about individuals and organizations using comics and graphic novels to address important health issues including a graphic novel by Jonathan Gruber that explained the Affordable Care Act. There’s also the annual gathering of artists and medical professionals for “Comics & Medicine: The Sequential Art of Illness” to study the ways in which comics and graphic novels can be used in patient care and medical education.

Health equity is a subject we should all be focused on, so I was excited to learn about the Center for Health Progress’ new graphic novel. (A special shout out to my colleague, Kate Gillmer, who first brought Waiting for Health Equity to my attention.) In my opinion, health equity is a topic that gets too little attention within the healthcare industry. We have to recognize that not everyone experiences healthcare the same way.

Waiting for Health Equity is a colorful, easy-to-read graphic novel that sets out to generate meaningful dialogue about the sources of health inequities and inspire action to address them. It’s a tool for people and organizations who want to better understand the interplay between social factors (race, income, language, sexual orietation, etc) and health. According to the website, it is “best utilized as one tool in a broad discussion about health equity and the root causes of health inequities.” Visit the Center for Health Progress website to view the graphic novel, along with other tools to increase understanding of the complex causes of health inequity. The 44-page graphic novel was illustrated by Ruben Chavez.

There are also supplementary materials that go along with the graphic novel. Those include a facilitation guide for group conversations and pre-and post-evaluation questionnaires. All three are available on the Center for Health Progress website.

2 comments on “Waiting for Health Equity – The Graphic Novel

  1. Sarah McAfee

    Thank you for helping us share this project! We’re very excited to see it garnering interest and traction!

    • dandunlop

      Hi Sarah, it was my pleasure. You are doing great work at the Center for Health Progress!

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