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The 2017 #HIT100 List

I want to take a moment to congratulate John Lynn (@techguy) for the work he did to orchestrate this year’s crowdsourcing extravaganza that led to the definitive 2017 #HIT100 list. For background, the #HIT100 is a way to recognize individuals who have established themselves as valuable resources by contributing to the #HealthIT, #HITsm, #hcsm, #HITchicks, #hcldr, #HITMC and other related communities through their tweets, blogs, books, industry articles, conference presentations, etc. The crowdsourcing nomination process is a way for the HealthIT/Social Media community members to give shoutouts to the peers they respect and enjoy following. It has the feel of a celebration. With all of the crazy stuff going on in the world today, I find the #HIT100 nomination process to be refreshing.

A few days ago, John published the final 2017 #HIT100 list. And here’s what I love: this year John chose not to show rankings for the 100 people on the list. In short, we’ve ended up with a list of 100 people who would be great to follow on Twitter if you’ve got an interest in HealthIT. As John says, the list gives you the opportunity to discover new and interesting people. In the end, it is not about where any individual falls on the list. I like that. Here’s a link to John’s blog post where he lists the 2017 #HIT100.

2 comments on “The 2017 #HIT100 List

  1. I know these lists can cause a lot of rancor and nasty comments, but I am grateful to John Lynn for compiling it – and not just because my name appears on it 😉 I see this as a very useful resource for those just starting out in this space and for those of us who have been here for a while, it’s a good way to remind us to reconnect with others we may have lost touch with.

    • dandunlop

      Thanks Marie. I agree with you. Congratulations on making the list. It is well deserved recognition. I certainly appreciate all that you do.

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