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Making the Most of Your Visual Brand Identity

Last weekend my family traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia to celebrate my father-in-law’s 80th birthday. Richard, my father-in-law, is one of the kindest, sweetest men I know. It was an honor to be with him on this special weekend. On Saturday evening we took him to one of his favorite restaurants, Cochon (“Pig” in French), a place my wife will often take him when she is in town visiting. I had never been to the restaurant, so this was my first visit. In short, I was blown away by the food, the service and the way the restaurant has leveraged its visual brand identity! 

While I was in the restaurant enjoying dinner, I had one of those moments that bloggers have; it’s that moment where you say, “Eureka! This is a blog post.” The chef owner, Neil Griggs, obviously gave a ton of thought to the visual brand identity and the ways in which he would bring the brand to life within the restaurant. You’ll see it in the photos below.

The brand experience was equally impressive. Knowing that it was Richard’s birthday, they prepared a specially printed menu in his honor. (See photo to the left.) Later in the evening they had each of us sign the menu so Richard could have it as a keepsake. They took the menu away, rolled it up, and tied it with a ribbon, before presenting it to Richard. He was very touched.

Throughout the meal, the wait staff called Richard by name, and gave him plenty of special attention. It was clear that this was his day. As we prepared to leave, our waitress gave Richard a big hug and kiss on the cheek. He was so moved by the experience. The next day, at a big family gathering, I heard Richard sharing this story with friends, neighbors and family members. That’s what good marketing is all about!

My congratulations go out to the brand marketers at Cochon. Check out the many ways in which they capitalize on their strong visual brand identity:

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  1. Great service story! It reinforces that every detail really does matter!

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