The 2017 Practical Playbook National Meeting did not close with a whimper. Our final two speakers, Brain Castrucci of the de Beaumont Foundation and Tyler Norris of the Institute for Mental Health and Wellness, were provocative and pointed in their comments. They issued an old-fashioned call to action that felt more like a call to arms! Their decree was simple: Take action to improve population health! Go home after this conference and make a difference. It was a powerful moment and a great way to wrap up our 2.5 days in DC.

The online activity was equally exciting. The conference team used a combination of Twitter, LinkedIn Discussions, Storify, the Practical Playbook Blog, and Periscope to engage audiences far and wide. For example, Tyler Norris’ closing keynote was streamed live on Periscope. Dr. Tony Slonim’s talk on day one was also streamed live via Periscope. A Storify was published at the end of each day to curate the day’s conversation. And summary posts were published each evening on the Practical Playbook Blog.

The Twitter activity set a record for the National Meeting, exceeding last year’s numbers by a wide margin. In all, 240 participants Tweet 2,284 times using the #PPBMeeting hashtag. They generated more than 4.6 million impressions. For comparison, last year’s National Meeting generated roughly 3.4 million impressions. Below I have provided a few graphics supplied by Symplur that delve more deeply into the Twitter activity. My thanks go out to everyone who joined the conference by way of Twitter. It was wonderful to have such a strong online representation of the National Meeting.

  A Few #PPBMeeting Faces From Twitter


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