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The Role of Innovation and Technology in Healthcare Transformation (Health IT)

If you’re interested in the role of innovation and technology in healthcare transformations (one example is telehealth), I cover this topic in an article in the June Issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends. For the article, I interviewed Dr. Tony Slonim of Renown Health in Reno, Nevada. Dr. Slonim is one of the physician leaders and healthcare executives whose ideas and actions are helping to shape the new look of healthcare delivery in America.

Coincidentally, I am traveling to the Practical Playbook National Meeting today where I have the honor of introducing Dr. Slonim – one of the conference’s featured speakers. Dr. Slonim will speak to the importance of cross-sector collaborations to drive population health improvements. He’ll discuss the successful partnership between Nevada’s Renown Health, the Desert Research Institute (DRI) and personal genetics company 23&Me to create a shared data warehouse. His workshop will highlight ways to approach, engage and manage partners in fruitful collaboration around a shared vision, common language, clear roles and responsibilities, and a dedication to achieving meaningful results for the communities served.

If you don’t subscribe to the eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, the publisher has graciously given me a link that friends can use to access the full article.



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