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When a CEO Blog Makes Sense

For the last couple of months, my team and I have been working with Renown Health to effectively tell its story as an innovator in community health, population health and healthcare delivery. One element of that strategy has been the development of a blog for the organization’s CEO, Dr. Tony Slonim (@RenownCEOTonyMD). While most of Renown’s communications reach out to residents in their service area, the CEO blog is more far-reaching, speaking directly to peers within the healthcare industry along with key government and political leaders in Nevada and across the country. The blog was officially launched yesterday.

This type of blog isn’t right for every health system CEO. It just happens to be right for Dr. Tony Slonim given his range of interests and his ongoing desire to positively influence the course of healthcare in America. For the last four years, he has chaired the American Journal of Managed Care’s ACO Coalition. He was also recently named the inaugural editor in chief of the Physician Leadership Library and Physician Knowledge Center, leading an editorial board of 20 international certified physician executives, deciding on relevant content and editorial design for a publication that reaches 16,000 physician executives worldwide on a quarterly basis. Dr. Slonim was also recently appointed to the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Health Care Systems Council. In this role, he is a thought leader representing more than 250 integrated health systems in the U.S. and their concerns to the AHA Board.

That list of credentials, along with Dr. Slonim’s unique position as a physician executive with a Doctorate in Public Health, makes him as an ideal candidate for a CEO blog. He is interested in speaking out on the differences between health and healthcare, community health and population health, while exploring innovative models of healthcare delivery, accountable care, and groundbreaking community partnerships.

In addition to being a physician CEO, Dr. Slonim has significant life experience that informs his perspective on healthcare – he is a cancer survivor. In interviews and in his writing he talks about the importance of seeing those we treat as people, not patients. From his perspective, we need to treat the whole person – addressing their spiritual, mental and physical needs. This isn’t a radical perspective, but it is particularly compelling when it comes directly from the CEO of the health system and a national physician leader.

Again, a CEO blog isn’t right for every organization. It is hard enough to produce a successful blog without having to coax an unwilling participant or fit a square peg into a round hole. Once you’ve found a good match, the next step is to make the blogging experience as easy as possible. For Dr. Slonim’s blog, we did that by recording a series of video blog posts (vlog posts). In one extended session, Dr. Slonim was able to record as many as 15 vlog posts that can be used over time and will supplement his more traditional posts. This keeps the content fresh while limiting the demands on a busy healthcare executive.

I invite you to check out Dr. Slonim’s first vlog post using this link. As an aside, I will mention that Dr. Slonim was recently nominated for Modern Healthcare‘s list of Top 50 Most Influential Physician Executives and Leaders of 2017. He was one of 150 physician leaders nominated for this honor. I checked out the list of nominees and it is a who’s who of healthcare leaders. Dr. Slonim is definitely in good company.

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