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Blog Neglect and Letting Go

As I’ve gotten older and more experienced, I’ve learned to let go of certain things. When it comes to my blog, I used to be hardcore about posting several times each week. For years, my wife called herself a blog widow. Now I only post when there’s something I want to share. But I still hate to look back and see a week where I didn’t post anything. That week was last week.

It’s not that I didn’t do any writing last week. In fact, the main reason I didn’t post anything to my blog was because I was writing an article for Management in Healthcare, a peer-reviewed professional journal on leadership, administration, and management in healthcare. In the article, I share my perspective on the digital future of physician relations. The publication wanted 4,000 to 6,000 words so this was no small effort. Sometimes articles flow out of me, while at other time, it is like pulling teeth. This particular article took some effort and many revisions. However, it felt great to finally turn in the finished draft at the end of the week!

My weekends at home, when I usually catch up on my writing, have been consumed of late with downsizing and decluttering activities. My wife and I are preparing to sell our house of 15 years and move into a smaller, newer and less demanding home (no yard to maintain, for starters). We’re actually building a townhouse. As we prepare to put or house on the market, I’ve spent the last three weekends painting rooms neutral colors so they won’t offend potential buyers. Presumable homebuyers can’t see past the existing colors – having never purchased a can of paint!

Hopefully, after all that, I am back in blogging mode!

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