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My Quantified Year in Healthcare Marketing: 2016

This post is part two of my 2016 year in review series.

Here are some of my favorite events, achievements and memories from 2016:

  • The Western New England Healthcare Marketing Symposium – (This was my favorite development of the year!) In April, my team at Jennings partnered with our friends at Market Street Research to hold our first Western New England Healthcare Marketing Symposium in Northampton, Massachusetts. From a personal perspective, producing this event gave me an opportunity to collaborate with my good friend and colleague, Jeff Steblea. The Symposium was sold out and a success by any measure. We’re in the process of planning our 2nd Annual Western New England Healthcare Marketing Symposium! Stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out the sizzle reel from the conference.

  • Speaking at the 2016 Fall Conference of the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society (CHPRMS) – It was an honor to be asked to speak at the 2016 CHPRMS Conference in Charleston, SC. My daughter, who is a freshman at College of Charleston, actually surprised me by attending my talk/rant. That made it even more special than usual. I delivered my latest presentation on narcissism in healthcare marketing. The room was standing room only and the audience stayed until the very end. It was wonderful to have so many of my long time colleagues (CHPRMS members) attend the presentation. Later in the week, my daughter (at her request) came to the cocktail reception prior to the big awards dinner, and networked with marketers from hospitals and health systems throughout the Carolinas. It was a proud moment for me, capping off a terrific event.


  • Article: “The Expanded Role of the Healthcare Marketer,” Healthcare Marketing Report, June 2016 – In writing this article I relied heavily on collaboration with Lorraine McGrath at Signature Healthcare. It tells the story of the non-traditional work being undertaken by the marketing department at Signature Healthcare. So much of what they do is not service line marketing or advertising related. They work on projects involving care coordination, lean processes and patient safety, to name a few. From my perspective, this is the future of the healthcare marketing department in the era of population health management and value-based compensation. Here’s a link to access a copy of the article.
  • Participating in the Spring Conference of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) – We took the Jennings video crew with us to the 2016 NESHCo Conference and produced three promotional videos (pro bono) for the organization. This is always one of my favorite conferences of the year. The 2016 conference proved to be no exception. Check out the teaser video below.

  • Article: “Realizing Vision Through Research: How Lawrence General Hospital Used Research to Elevate Its Brand,” Strategic Healthcare Marketing, July 2016 – Collaboration was definitely a theme in 2016, as I hope it will be in 2017.  This article was co-authored with Jill McDonald Halsey of Lawrence General Hospital and Jeff Steblea of Market Street Research (now with Silvertech). Jeff was truly the lead author and he did a brilliant job. The article tells the story of the research that preceded and informed the development of Lawrence General Hospital’s award-winning brand elevation campaign. Here’s a link to the article.
  • Recognition Is Always Nice – While helping our clients solve their most complex marketing challenges in 2016, our collaborations with them managed to garner a number of healthcare marketing awards. Although we are always focused on generating results for our clients and their organizations, it is nice to see them receive this recognition within the healthcare industry.


  • The Year of Digital Video Content – In 2016 we produced a ton of high quality video content for hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations. Our video production unit was extremely busy and we are grateful for that. Jason Stepanek, who heads up web content development at Jennings, became certified as a drone pilot. Here’s an example of our video work that includes beautiful footage from our drone.


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