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Putting The Focus on End-of-Life Planning the past several years I’ve written quite a bit about death and dying. I reviewed a number of texts including Rob Moll’s, The Art of Dying, Atul Gawande’s, Being Mortal – Medicine and What Matters in the End, and Amanda Bennett’s, The Cost of Hope. I’ve also written about the importance of having end-of-life conversations. These are topics that I believe are important for us to address – particularly those of us with aging parents. What I know is that, in general, people within our society tend to avoid thinking about and discussing end-of-life issues/realities. In the same vein, they also avoid end-of-life planning. To that end, most Americans die without having prepared a formal advanced care directive.

To shine a light on this issue, the team at Bradley University’s Online Nurse Practitioner Program has created an infographic that addressed advanced care and end-of-life planning. My hope is that we will become more comfortable discussing end-of-life issues. Both of my parents passed away over the last three years and I was fortunate that they did end-of-life planning. Taking that step took pressure off of their children (my siblings) and let us focus on their quality of life.

Enjoy the infographic below. You can click on the image to view a larger version. The original document can be found at


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