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Book Recommendation: Trauma Room Two

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-3-37-48-pmBecause I believe healthcare marketers and communicators have so much to learn from patients and patient stories, I spend a lot of time reading books written by patients or from the patient’s perspective. With that in mind, today’s book recommendation is somewhat of a departure for me. Trauma Room Two is a collection of short stories written by a physician – Philip Allen Green, MD. The stories are fictionalized, but draw upon Dr. Green’s career as an ER physician.

Through Dr. Green’s stories, the reader develops a better understanding of both the patient and the clinician. It probably won’t surprise you that the Emergency Department provides a rich setting for incredibly emotional life and death stories. Even if these stories are fictionalized, the drama and emotions are real. For me, reading a book like this gives important context for everything I do everyday to market services promoting health and wellness. It helps to remind me exactly why I’m in this line of work.

“In every hospital emergency department there is a room reserved for trauma. It is a place where life and death are separated by the thinnest of margins. A place where some families celebrate the most improbable of victories while others face the most devastating of losses. A place where what matters the most in this life is revealed.

Trauma Room Two is just such a place.

A collection of short stories about life in the ER.”

Trauma Room Two is a quick read. I read it a few weeks ago on a flight back from the Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC) in Las Vegas. And it is inexpensive – available in Kindle or paperback ($8.99). I highly recommend picking up a copy and adding it to your reading list.

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