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Building Community Within Your Healthcare Organization

My team and I recently produced a video for one of our healthcare clients. The video, not for public consumption, communicated the value of internal community building and was used to introduce a community building project to employees of our client’s organization. Those employees would eventually play an important role in the project by participating in one-on-one interviews and specially crafted focus groups. The video does a nice job of touching on my thoughts related to the importance of building community within an organization, so I thought I’d share it with you here. I’ve edited out any specific client references and shortened the piece to just over 4 minutes.


2 comments on “Building Community Within Your Healthcare Organization

  1. An essential thing to effectively meet organizational goals is a positive community connection. This community support is placed as a core value by these organizations.
    Healthcare organization have a unique relation with the communities they serve. These communities end to be deeply invested in their local or regional healthcare providers.

  2. Jill Brennan

    Dan, Tim tells his friends when they are meeting me for the first time that I ask a lot of questions. If I ask enough questions I find something or someone we have in common.

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