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The Donut Debacle

This is a cautionary tale about the risk of bringing donuts to people who work in a healthcare facility.


In Portland, Maine there is a donut company that is famous for making potato donuts. It is called The Holy Donut and is one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in town. You see, my interest in food extends beyond pizza!

Two weeks ago I was in Portland visiting a client and I thought it would be a special treat for me to bring them a half dozen donuts from The Holy Donut. That morning I walked seven blocks from my hotel to the donut shop and picked out a half dozen (plus one for me) to take to my client. I selected two Triple Berry, two Pomegranate and two Apple Cider (my favorite). These were all donuts with a fresh theme! And they were made with Maine potatoes. What’s not to like?

donut-caseThe donuts come in a special carrying case. I proudly and excitedly left the donut shop carrying my small case of donuts. They are unusually heavy donuts. My guess is that’s due to the mashed potatoes in the batter. I walked back to my hotel, making a stop at Starbucks to get a latte. The staff at Starbucks tried to separate me from my stash of donuts, but they were not successful.

Once back at my hotel I packed up and headed to my client’s office which is located in a medical office building. I arrived early and waited in the lobby. After a few minutes, my client appeared and ushered me back to the conference room. I could see the recognition and excitement in her eyes when she spied the Holy Donut logo on the carrying case! This was turning into a great day.

open-donut-caseAs we rounded the corner and headed toward the conference room, the bottom of the donut case gave out, and donuts began rolling down the hallway. I kid you not. It all happened in slow motion. Donuts were slowly rolling in all directions. My heart was broken. One passerby stopped to console me: “Remember the five second rule.” I let her know that I didn’t think that applied to donuts rolling on the floor of a medical office building. But I appreciated her support. In the end, the donuts went in the trash and we all avoided the inevitable weight gain associated with consuming those delectable treats. It was for the best, or so I tell myself.

Let this be a lesson to all of us: there is no place for donuts in a medical/healthcare environment – when taking donuts into a healthcare environment, support the bottom of the box!

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