epatient-dave2Tuesday was a remarkable day. For me, it started out in the mountains of New Hampshire at the New Hampshire Hospital Association’s Annual Meeting. I was invited to introduce the day’s keynote speaker, ePatient Dave (Dave deBronkart). This is a man who I have followed for many years on social media, and someone I hold in high regard. He, and others in the ePatient movement, has influenced the way I think about healthcare and healthcare marketing. Dave’s presentation was outstanding. He certainly did not disappoint.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-9-11-13-pmThen, later that day, on Tuesday evening, the weekly healthcare leadership Twitter chat featured a discussion on “Ten Years of ePatient Emergence.” The chat’s guest host was none other than ePatient Dave! Click here to read the blog post that went along with Tuesday night’s chat. By the way, the analytics for the Twitter chat were through the roof!  Check out the numbers to the left and below (courtesy of Symplur): more than 2,500 Tweets with nearly 23 million potential impressions. (Click on the image below to enlarge.)


During the #HCLDR chat, participants were asked to name the epatients that they follow on Twitter. I thought it would be helpful if I shared some of those Twitter handles with you. Following these epatients on Twitter is a great way to learn more about the epatient movement and the perspective of the patient. (Some listed below are not ePatients, but are patient activists, advocates or evangelists.) The list below is in no way complete and the Twitter handles appear in no specific order.


The Society for Participatory Medicine

What is an ePatient? – Stanford Medicine X

In-Depth: Rise of the ePatient Movement

Dave deBronkart: Meet e-Patient Dave – TEDxMaastricht



@aaronecarroll (also MD)


































Resources: If you are interested in learning more about the epatient movement and patient empowerment, here are links to a few resources, including some blog posts I’ve written previously.

3 comments on “A Day Dedicated to ePatients

  1. Vanessa Stafford

    great post Dan, thanks – and thanks for attending!

  2. Hi Dan, you might be interested in a list of ePatients Twitter handles that I maintain here – it’s a pretty big list! http://list.ly/l/4V0

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