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The Power of Useful Content

Nothing can replace the value of providing useful content that people actually desire. A blogger for one of our hospital mommy blogs wrote a post in 2012 offering up simple advice for unplugging a clogged toilet. To date, that post has received more than 78,000 views. What happened? People searched for this information on Google, then they went to the site and found this post to be helpful. Google noted the interaction with the post and kept offering it up when people searched for information about unclogging toilets. Now, more than 100 people per day view that post. Look at these top search terms:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.05.21 AM

Is supplying information about how to unclog a toilet important? It sure is if you want to connect with busy moms. Think about it. Whatever you’re juggling in your household, if the toilet gets clogged, that is an urgent issue. You need it resolved in a hurry. This blog post has proven its value over and over again. And, it serves as a great reminder that useful content may appear to be mundane on the surface! That’s an important lesson for us all.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.52.44 AM

1 comment on “The Power of Useful Content

  1. You are so right! I think it’s also worth noting that you might not think of a clogged toilet as relevant to your medical practice or facility. When you think about life from the point of view of your patients, though, you can see that the range of useful topics is broader than you might think.

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