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What is the #22PushupChallenge?

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Last weekend, my business partner (Paige Zinn) used a Facebook post to nominated me to participate in the #22PushupChallenge. I agreed to do it, and figured I should also write a blog post to bring more awareness to the issue of soldier suicide. (As an aside, I don’t do pushups as part of my workout regimen, so the thought of doing 22 pushups everyday for 22 days is daunting.) I posted a video of me doing my first set of 22 pushups on my Facebook page yesterday. It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done.

The #22PushupChallenge campaign is bringing awareness to the fact that 22 Veterans commit suicide everyday. Additionally, one active duty service member commits suicide everyday. This is truly an epidemic.

Anyone can make a donation to the cause by going to  There are also a number of hashtags being used to promote the cause including #22pushupchallenge, #22pushupschallenge, #22kill and #Stop22aDay. Here’s a video that introduces the #22PushupsChallenge:

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