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Judgment Day for Healthcare Marketers

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 9.33.07 AMFor me, being active and engaged in the world of healthcare marketing has taken many forms: speaking at conferences, blogging, contributing articles to industry publications, participating in the #HCLDR Twitter chat and serving on the judging panels of several healthcare marketing award competitions. This is top-of-mind right now because this week I am judging the 29th Annual Maggie Awards of the Mississippi Hospital Association’s Society for Health Care Marketing and Public Relations.

Why take the time away from my already hectic schedule to judge various award competitions?

  • First, this is one form of giving back to the industry. It just fits with my business philosophy.
  • Judging award competitions makes me a better marketer and communicator. As a judge, you see the good, the bad and the ugly – and the spectacular. It is exciting to see the great work that is being done by hospitals and health systems across the country – often with limited resources.
  • Reviewing all of these award submissions has helped me have perspective when my firm enters our clients’ work in award competitions. Reading dozens of award entries can be mind numbing – particularly when no one speaks to the specific goals of the campaign and they fail to give true measurable results. I believe I am much better at crafting award submissions thanks to this experience.
  • Judging awards gives me the opportunity to put myself in the shoes of the organizations being judged, and apply my marketing sense to each new situation or challenge. How would I have approached this? Would I have done this differently? Would I have thought to do what they did?
  • Finally, early in my career, serving on judging panels was a great resume building activity. It is easy to find opportunities to serve on judging panels and it is a prestigious activity, yet very few professionals actually partake. It seems like a missed opportunity.

In the past I’ve judged the Digital Health Awards, National Health Information Awards, Pelican Awards (Louisiana), Target Awards (Georgia), Pinnacle Awards (Illinois), Beacon Awards (Minnesota), WHPRMS Communications Review (Wisconsin) and more. I am grateful for the education that these experiences have provided me. If you’re looking for a way to step up your involvement in the industry, consider volunteering to serve on a judging panel. Another option would be getting involved with your local SHSMD chapter – perhaps serving on the board. But that’s another blog post.

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