Employee Health

Toward a Healthier Workplace

I remember the day when you could be a hero by bringing Dunkin Donuts into the office. Wait, that was just last week. Seriously, donuts and bagels have been standard fare in offices across America for decades. But things are changing.

In past blog posts I’ve noted how my firm, Jennings, is working to create a healthier workplace. My perspective is that those of us who work in healthcare ought to model healthy behavior. To that point, we’ve added a workout room, an office garden and a working kitchen where employees can prepare healthier meals.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.21.24 PMOur newest initiative is a subscription to The Produce Box – a company that delivers locally grown fruit and vegetables to homes and offices. We will receive two boxes of fresh fruit each month, to be consumed at the office. Our hope is that, for our employees, the fresh fruit will take the place of donuts, bagels and Starburst candies. As participants in this program, we are supporting North Carolina farmers by bringing the farmer’s market to our office, and we think that’s a cool thing.

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