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Healthcare Marketing: It’s Not All About You

One of my pet peeves with conferences is that the educational content is rarely captured and curated. So much great information is lost because the sessions are not recorded on video. If you missed a given session, you are out of luck. This practice is based on an antiquated notion – one that sees content as the domain of the organization with value coming in the form of providing limited access to that information (those who pay to attend the conference). Generally speaking, I see value coming from a spirit of generosity and a willingness to share content. By doing so, you establish yourself as a high quality resource of relevant content. But I can see both sides of that argument.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.09.11 PMBack in April, I was the keynote speaker at the Western New England Healthcare Marketing Symposium. It was a terrific, sold out event. For that conference, we recorded every presentation on video and have posted them to the website. Below is my presentation, in it entirety, from the Symposium. The topic is the narcissistic nature of most healthcare marketing and advertising. My message is that the marketing needs to be more relevant to the target audience; we need to make them part of the marketing rather than just marketed “at” them. In that regard, we need to stop spewing content about our organizations (our doctors, procedures and technology) and, moving forward, focus on having conversations with consumers. To do that, we need to create online environments that invite conversation and dialogue.

Enjoy the video. It is 45 minutes long. Consider yourself forewarned.

Narcissism in Healthcare Marketing


1 comment on “Healthcare Marketing: It’s Not All About You

  1. You’re making an excellent point! I’d add that the modern empowered healthcare consumer is using search engines and social media to find and share information about healthcare — and doesn’t start by searching for an organization or a doctor. He or she is looking for information, and the healthcare facilities with the generosity to answer questions and engage with consumers are the ones that show up in search. So the generosity benefits the healthcare organizations as well as the patients.

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