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Heading to the #PPBMeeting: Practical Playbook National Meeting

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On Sunday morning I’m heading to Bethesda, Maryland to attend the Practical Playbook National Meeting (#PPBMeeting). It’s a conference dedicated to bringing public health and primary care professionals together, facilitating collaboration, for the purpose of driving improvements in population health. Jennings‘ digital engagement staff is part of the social media team for the conference. We’ll be Tweeting (@pracplaybook, @JenningsHealth, @dandunlop, @physicianfocus) live from all the sessions, sharing content in real time. We’ll also maintain a storify to curate the social media content. I’ll post that link as soon as it is available.

Here’s some background information on the National Meeting:

“The Practical Playbook National Meeting will be a milestone event towards advancing robust collaborations that improve population health. By bringing together key stakeholders from across sectors – representing professional associations, community organizations, government agencies and academic institutions – the National Meeting will help to catalyze a national movement, accelerate collaborations by fostering skill development, and connect like-minded individuals and organizations to facilitate the exchange of ideas to drive population health improvement.” (PPB National Meeting Website)

We’ll be on site Sunday through Tuesday. Please follow along using the conference hashtag: #PPBMeeting. I’m very excited to be a part of this conversation over the next few days. This is exactly where our focus needs to be. I hope you’ll join us. For more information on the Practical Playbook, go to https://www.practicalplaybook.org/.

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