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Last week was one of those rare weeks where everything seemed to come together. It was a week where new digital engagement efforts were launched and existing programs received well deserved recognition. In short, I love seeing online communities, community blogs, LinkedIn Groups, and other digital initiatives win the day!

  • After a year of planning, our client, Copley Hospital in Morrisville, Vermont, launched its Live Well Lamoille blog. This is a collaborative community blog, with the posts written by representatives from community organizations. It is all about creating a healthier community! See my blog post about this amazing initiative.
  • The Practical Playbook, another one of my firm’s clients, launched a new LinkedIn Community dedicated to creating conversations about the power of collaborations that lead to successful population health improvement initiatives. Here’s more about that initiative.
  • It was announced on Thursday that the blog we created for The Practical Playbook received a Gold Aster Award for excellence in healthcare marketing. The Aster Awards Competition is one of two national healthcare marketing competition that my firm and its clients enter each year. The Practical Playbook blog is a major generator of traffic for the organization’s website and by all measures is a great success.
  • My blog, The Healthcare Marketer, also won a Gold Aster Award in the blog category.
  • Our digital video series featuring clinicians from Signature Healthcare was recognized with a Gold Aster Award.
  • The digital video series we produced for Lawrence General Hospital, featuring cardiology clinicians and patients, received a Silver Aster Award.
  • Lowell General Hospital, another of our clients, won a Silver Aster Award for their fledgling Our Circle of Moms blog. The blog also won two Healthcare Advertising Awards (HAA).
  • Our digital marketing program for Reply OB/GYN & Fertility won a Silver Healthcare Advertising Award (sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report). The HAA Competition is the oldest and most respected of the national healthcare marketing awards competitions.
  • Two of the websites we recently developed for Adventist Health in Portland, Oregon, won Healthcare Advertising Awards.
  • The website we developed for Reply OB/GYN & Fertilty won a Health Advertising Award.
  • Signature Healthcare’s Signature Moms Blog also won a Healthcare Advertising Award in the new media category.
  • Finally, a digital video series we developed to promote Jennings (my firm), won a Gold Aster Award for agency self-promotion. This happened despite the fact that I was featured in each of the videos! Remarkable.

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