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Replicate This: A Hospital Sponsored Community Blog

As we adjust to this new healthcare ecosystem, I am more convinced than ever that one of the keys to population health improvement is collaboration between healthcare organizations, community organizations and local public health organizations. Population health is not a challenge that is solved in the physician’s office. Nor are the social determinants of health easily addressed in a clinical setting. I’ve written about this in past blog posts. Much of my firm’s work with the Practical Playbook involves encouraging collaborations for improved population health.

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Today I am excited to announce that a project I’ve dreamed about for the last 16 months has now come to fruition! 16 months ago Leah Hollenberger (VP, Development, Marketing & Community Relations, Copley Hospital, Morrisville, VT) and I came together with a shared vision for a hospital sponsored blog that brings in representatives of various community organizations as contributing bloggers. Just last week we launched the Live Well Lamoille blog. (Kate Rudy, a digital engagement specialist at Jennings, has been instrumental in leading this project.) Contributors to the blog include:

Our bloggers include:

Caleb Magoon, Power Play Sports and Waterbury Sports
David Vinick, Copley Hospital
Jessica Bickford, Healthy Lamoille Valley
Leah Hollenberger, Copley Hospital
Lisa Mugford, The North Central Vermont Recovery Center
Lynda Marshall, Lamoille County Mental Health Services
Mary Collins, Lamoille Home Health & Hospice and The Manor
Michele Whitmore, Johnson State College
Nancy Wagner, Copley Hospital
Rorie Dunphey, Family Practice Associates – Cambridge
Scott Johnson, Lamoille Family Center
Steve Ames, Building Bright Futures
Todd Thomas, Town of Morristown
Tricia Follert, Town of Morristown
Valerie Valcour, Morrisville Department of Health

This is such an impressive list because representatives of these community organizations are coming together to share relevant health content with area residents. And it is all happening under the Copley Hospital umbrella. This is emblematic of the future of healthcare in communities across our country. It is about organizations coming together, united in their desire to improve population health. At its most basic level, preventing chronic disease is the best first step in this effort. And you do that through outreach to the communities we serve and by taking a hard look at upstream challenges in those communities that negatively impact health (poor housing conditions, lack of access to fresh/nutritious foods, etc).

I invite you to visit Copley Hospital’s fledgling blog. We are just getting started and I am so excited about the potential of this initiative.

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