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The Proliferation of Healthcare Marketing Conferences

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.34.30 AMRecently, a friend asked me if I would compile and share a list of healthcare marketing conferences and professional development opportunities. As I was building the list, it struck me that I ought to share it on my blog. So here it is. I’m sure I’ve missed some obvious opportunities, so please feel free to recommend conferences that I should add to the list. Thanks in advance for that!

Here’s a partial list of conferences worth considering. I’ve tried to include links to each event:

Okay, so what did I forget? I know there are lots of smaller regional conferences including those is Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois…

1 comment on “The Proliferation of Healthcare Marketing Conferences

  1. Strategic Solutions Network will be hosting several healthcare- related conferences this year. These conferences will provide healthcare industry professionals the information necessary to strengthen their skill sets. Those who attend will learn and network with industry experts and peers.

    8th Healthcare Payments Innovations Summit in Chicago. This highly acclaimed event will convene all 4 corners of the health care payments market.

    7th Annual Medicaid Market Innovations will take place in Los Angeles. This conference explores what leading Medicare plans are doing to attract, retain, and engage the new Medicare consumer through case studies and interactive panel discussions.

    Care Coordination Innovations for Managing Care will take place in Phoenix. This conference which was designed for Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial health plans, will share the strategies that leading organizations are leveraging to achieve continuity of care across settings with the goals of reducing ER visits, minimizing potentially preventable readmissions, and improving outcomes.

    Medicare Market Risk Revenue conference will be held in San Diego.This event brings together Medicare Finance & Operations with Quality & Clinical Management.

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