Narcissism in Healthcare Marketing Patient Experience

Video Post: Narcissism in Healthcare Marketing

Recently I’ve written a couple of blog posts and an article about the narcissistic trend within healthcare. If you’ve worked in healthcare marketing for more than a few months, you’ve undoubtedly faced a request from a service line leader who wants to see a photo of himself or his team prominently featured in an ad. It is an old, familiar story. Beyond the ever present pressure to showcase leading clinicians, our ads, brochures, websites, and billboards often scream, “Look at us,” or, “We’re Number One.” We talk about our world-class physicians, leading edge technology, advanced services, and amazing medicine. But we forget to make any of this relevant to the target audience. They are left saying, “So What?”

Below is a very brief video of me speaking to this issue. Enjoy!


Of course, the narcissism goes much deeper. It’s in the way healthcare organizations have designed their facilities (that is changing); it’s in the way most hospitals don’t accommodate patients’ desire to make appointments online or speak with clinicians via email or text; it’s in the design of our websites that don’t accommodate two-way conversation. The list could go on and on.

The good news is that many organizations are working on a more patient-first approach to care and the design of care. This is an exciting development and can’t happen fast enough.

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