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Healthcare Marketing Joy

MiddleburyAbout once a week something happens to remind me just how much I enjoy my professional life as a healthcare marketer. It’s actually more than that; it’s a reminder about how much I love working for this company that allows me to do what I love a daily basis. The most recent reminder came on a visit to Porter Medical Center in Middlebury, Vermont. (I’m originally from Vermont and love any excuse to travel there. If you’re going to travel on business, why not go somewhere you enjoy?) If you’ve never been to Middlebury, it’s a picturesque community located on Route 7. The downtown area is full of interesting shops and artist studios – the kind of place that’s great to visit during the holiday season.

Porter1A couple weeks ago I spent a day visiting with a couple members of the leadership team at Porter Medical Center. They are one of our newest clients and we are in the “getting-to-know-you” phase of our relationship. Porter is a 45-bed critical access hospital with a nursing home and a network of physician practices. I tell you that because it is important to me that, as our firm grows and evolves, we can continue to work with both small organizations and large health systems. That is one of our values as a company. In our current healthcare environment, no one needs strong strategic marketing support more than small, independent hospitals!

From my perspective, talking marketing strategy with a new client is a wonderful way to spend a day. For me, that is pure joy! I thrive on meeting new people (particularly sharp marketers and administrators) and learning about the vision, business objectives and marketing challenges of an organization. I find that I learn as much from each new opportunity as my clients do. Frankly, that helps to keep it interesting. Each opportunity and set of challenges is unique. For me, addressing those challenges is like putting together an incredibly complex puzzle, built on multiple dimensions. The more complex the challenge, the more excited I become. I leave these meetings completely energized.

Fortunately, this kind of thing happens to me about once a week. Sometimes it is a strategy meeting with a new client, but it can also be a creative presentation with a long-time client where we roll out a new marketing program (that happened yesterday). I also take delight in seeing my co-workers grow as healthcare marketers – something I see happening every day.

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hassles that goes with any business; and there certainly is plenty of that to go around. But it is the love for the work that makes it all tolerable.

Finding joy in my work is what keeps me doing this! Happy Holidays.

1 comment on “Healthcare Marketing Joy

  1. I relate to enjoying one’s work. Thanks for the article.

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