Narcissism in Healthcare Marketing

The Narcissism of Most Healthcare Marketing

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My most recent article was published in the November issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, a publication of Plain English Health Care. I wrote about the narcissism found in most healthcare marketing. In healthcare, we talk about ourselves – incessantly. We’re #1. We’ve got cutting edge technology. We’ve got top doctors. We made the list. But the inward focus within our marketing communications goes beyond that.

Even when we use social media platforms, we use them to push content out – not to listen or to have conversations. That’s not the way to use these platforms.

In the end, narcissists are boring. That’s enough of a reason to get us to change our ways. Let’s put the patient at the center of the conversation. And let’s market with consumers, rather than at them.

Check out my article on Narcissism in Healthcare Marketing. I want to give a special shout out to Jane Weber Brubaker who edited this article. It is vastly improved thanks to her contributions.

3 comments on “The Narcissism of Most Healthcare Marketing

  1. Thanks, Dan! My pleasure.

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