The Voice of the Patient

Inspire recently published the results from the inaugural survey of its patient members. The report pulls together data from the responses of 13,633 individuals who belong to Inspire online patient support communities. They come from 100 countries and six continents around the world.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.20.03 AMOne of the most prominent findings in the study is the proactive role that these patients are playing in their own care. They are initiating discussions with their physicians about new and unexplored treatment options. In short, these patients are advocating for themselves. According to the Inspire Annual Survey, “almost 90% of all Inspire members who took the survey indicated that they ask their doctor about other potential treatment options at least once a year.” 55% of the patients reported taking another individual along to their doctor’s appointments (an additional source of support and advocacy).

The report also notes that many patients continue to struggle with the cost of healthcare:

“Financial difficulties remain a common problem and have seemingly intensified during 2014 in the U.S. 50% of patients
taking the survey cited having trouble with the cost/
affordability of treatment at some point in time. Paying for
the treatments themselves as well as supportive (OTC)
medications were the two areas patients struggled with
the most.

Further adding to the financial difficulties that so many patients have faced, 2014 was an evolutionary year for healthcare in the U.S. as the Affordable Care Act went into place. As a result of this legislation, 60% of U.S.-based respondents say their insurance premiums increased last year, another 48% saw their in-office copays increase, and 64% reported having at least one of their medications switched to a generic equivalent by their insurance company.”

Another interesting insight gathered from the study is the number of respondents who feel that they have a relationship with their pharmacist (41%) – with the vast majority feeling good about that relationship. Pharmacists and pharmacies were also reported to be an important source of information – with 25% of the respondents claiming to receive important educational information (typically medication related) from their pharmacies.

I definitely encourage you to check out the report from Inspire. As the host of so many online patient support communities, they have unique access to insights offered up by their members (our patients).

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