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Check out Medcomic & Its Kickstarter Campaign

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 5.42.33 PMJorge Muniz, a physician assistant and self-taught cartoonist, is an innovator. He has created an amazing collection of educational and entertaining illustrations (cartoons) designed to help students in the field of medicine recall complex medical concepts. Ultimately this is supposed to help them when taking medical exams. The illustrations found on Jorge’s website bring together his passions for art and medicine. Jorge’s concept is appropriately called Medcomic.

According to Jorge introducing memorable cartoons into the learning process makes it easy to recall important information when students are taking exams. Seems simple enough. Yet his approach is groundbreaking. It reminds me of Jonathan Gruber’s use of a comic book to introduce the concept of healthcare reform –  Healthcare Reform: What It Is, Why It’s Necessary, How It Works.

Jorge has recently started a Kickstarter Campaign with a goal of $15,000. Last time I checked he had exceeded $9,000 in pledges. He will use the funds to turn his illustrations into a book. I love what Jorge is doing and am excited to share his story here. I invite you to check out Jorge’s work and consider supporting his Kickstarter Campaign.

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