Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.02.53 AMThat’s right. There’s no SHSMD conference for me in 2015. Many of my friends, colleagues and peers are currently gathering in DC for the 2015 SHSMD Conference and I won’t be there. This year I will be elsewhere, delivering the keynote talk tomorrow morning (Tuesday) in Chicago at the 27th Annual Conference of the National Association of Occupational Health Professionals (NAOHP). NAOHP is an organizations for administrators of provider-based occupational health programs. My good friend Dan Hinmon will also be speaking at the NAOHP conference on Tuesday.

In the last 15 years, I believe I’ve only missed one SHSMD conference and that was due to my father having heart surgery. As a member, I’m fully engaged with SHSMD and have served on their Digital Taskforce in 2014 and 2015; I’ve  spoken at half a dozen of their conferences and often volunteer to host roundtables or moderate panels discussions. But not this year. And I will miss it.

More than anything, I will miss the networking and sense of community. The SHSMD conference always gives me an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues from around the country – and to make new connections. Missing SHSMD is a big deal for me. I have every intention of making it next year!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to connect with someone from my team at this year’s SHSMD conference, look for Mike Dowd. Just don’t get him talking about craft beer!

2 comments on “No SHSMD For Me!

  1. Amanda Barney

    We miss you Dan!

    • Thanks Amanda. I certainly missed being there. But I’m trying to set some limits this year; trying not to take on more than I can handle in an 80 hour week. Hah! See you soon.

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