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Online Patient Communities for Breast Centers of Excellence

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Today I am traveling to Cleveland, visiting the Cleveland Clinic, and speaking at the 7th National Conference on Next Generation Comprehensive Breast Centers of Excellence. I’ll address the important role of online communities for patients and families who are dealing with breast cancer. Most of the presenters at this conference are top oncology program administrators and executives. Hopefully the group will find my talk to be a refreshing change of pace as most of the presentations will deal with optimizing patient care, enhancing workflow and improving the efficiency of these programs. In short, what does it take to become a Comprehensive Breast Center of Excellence?

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with this audience. My guess is that the whole idea of “healthcare marketing as community building” (my mantra) will be something new for these professionals. Although, it is worth noting, that the breast cancer arena has been fertile ground for the development of online patient communities – including the well-regarded breast cancer social media #BCSM Twitter Chat that is co-moderated by my friend Alicia Staley – also known as the Awesome Cancer Survivor!

I’ll do my best to tweet from the conference and share my learning.


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