Ragan and PR Daily’s Ace Awards: Entries Due Today

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Today is the last day to enter Ragan and PR Daily’s 2015 Ace Awards. If you’re interested in entering, you need to get moving. The awards recognize some of the best individuals, agencies and in-house communications teams in PR and Marketing. In all honesty, this is an expensive competition at $295 per entry for agencies. That means each entry is significant. Categories include:

Blogger of the Year
Tell us why you are the voice among PR bloggers and how you expand Web traffic or increase followers through quality writing and posts.

Brand Marketer
How do you market across multiple channels while you do brand advocacy and increase audience engagement? Tell us how you are a brand evangelist.

Corporate Social Responsibility Leader
What life-affecting CSR campaigns have you created and executed? It’s about more than a successful campaign. It’s a way of business life for your company and its employees.

Digital/Video Professional
Tell us how you combine communication skills with digital or video tools better than the rest. Share your work.

Event Marketer
Tell us why you are the best at marketing live or virtual events. We want to see how you increase attendance, command media attention or make your events better.

Government Communicator
What makes you the best in communications for a local, state or federal agency or department?

Health Care Communicator
Tell us why people come to you when they want health care PR or marketing done the right way, with integrity, passion, freshness and style.

Internal Communicator
How do you invigorate, inform and inspire employees every day? Tell us about your great work.

Media Relations Professional
Every day you generate media impressions, awareness, reporter relationships and success. Tell us how.

Nonprofit Communicator
What makes you the one PR agency or individual foundation, government agencies, professional associations, charitable organizations and academic institutions turn to for their communications?

Public Affairs Officer
What makes you a leader in political and public affairs, advocacy initiatives and influencer in policy/public opinion?

Public Relations Professional
How do you show command of an impressive number of PR tools, tactics and strategy? Tell us.

Social Media Strategist
Shares, likes, photos, tweets and pins. How do you link social media to business and communications goals?

Up and Coming Professional (under five years’ experience)
We want the next big thing in PR marketing and communications. If you have less than five years’ experience and great success stories, share them here!

Established Professional (over 15 years’ experience)
You’ve seen it. You’ve done it. You’ve conquered it. Tell us about your successes.


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