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Looking for the WOW Healthcare Experience?

This week, my friends at WOW Health Group launched a new online health platform,, with the aim of helping Americans enjoy healthier lives through positive healthcare experiences. The site offers inspiration, medical guidance and success stories, and will ultimately offer a unique directory of healthcare providers who are dedicated to encouraging a positive approach to patient care. Much of this blog post is pulled from WOW’s press release.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 8.45.34 AMIn the WOW press release, my friend Tanya Abreu, Founder of WOW Health and a true visionary in women’s health, introduced the philosophy behind this not so common approach to health. “Health needs to come from embracing good experiences.  Helping people find healthy foods they love and fun ways of working out is often more successful than forcing patients to feel deprived of delicious meals and guilty for their actions if they have high cholesterol, diabetes or weight concern. Americans deserve a positive, encouraging approach to living long and healthy lives.”

An evidence-based approach to health and wellness, WOW Health promotes meaningful conversation over unnecessary medication and the cultivation of happiness over motivation by guilt and threats of disease. This approach, which involves the practice of mindful and optimistic medicine, aims to increase patient adherence while improving the overall patient experience.

According to Abreu, “Physicians who listen to their patients and offer positive, realistic solutions will be the most successful in the future.”

With a tagline “It’s How You Live,” WOW Health Group seeks to redefine health as an everyday experience that feels good, never guilty.

Individuals can visit the new online platform to become members of WOW Health, subscribe to fun and encouraging healthcare news, learn from national WOW DocStars and HealthStars, and to shop products that deliver the WOW factor. Members of the WOW Health family will receive daily tips, a quarterly newsletter with timely information and recommendations on living happily in the WOW moment.

A special collaboration with, one of the nation’s leading independent health information sources for women, allows WOW Health to launch with structured access to millions of online users.

For more information, visit


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