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MySHSMD Online Member Community

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.59.41 PMFor years I have been writing blog posts and articles, and speaking at conferences, about the need for healthcare marketers to turn their attention to online communities – what I call communities of shared interest. These are niche communities that bring together people with commonalities. The more focused, the better.

Today I am celebrating that SHSMD is launching MySHSMD – an online member community. Within the new platform, members will be able to organize themselves and focus their discussions within specialized forums:

  • Marketing
  • Physician Relations
  • Public Relations & Communications
  • Strategic Planning

Here are the reasons SHSMD provided for starting up this new online community:

  • To leverage the collective knowledge and expertise of SHSMD’s 4,000+ members.
  • To help members quickly and easily share solutions and solve issues with each other.
  • To support meaningful member-to-member connections year round.

This is the perfect use of an online community. SHSMD gets it! They will be sending out an email to members on August 6th with access information. So, if you belong to SHSMD, stay tuned. This is an exciting development.

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