Hospital Print Ads

Hospital & Healthcare Print Ads

Here’s another collection of hospital and healthcare print ads that I clipped last week from the on-board magazine of Southwest Airlines. These advertisers have decided to target the adult traveler – most likely the business traveler. This is an attractive target market because they are willing to get on an airplane to do business and may, therefore, be willing to travel for exceptional care. They are also likely to have disposable income and commercial insurance. Take special note of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America ad that uses an informational approach. It is very different from the other ads in this batch.

One caveat: Please note that I scanned each of these ads and their quality has been diminished in the process. Enjoy.

Omaha ChildrensCleveland ClinicCancer Treatment CentersCook ChildrensChildrens Miracle NetworkSarah CannonMazor RoboticsHotze Health and Wellness Center

1 comment on “Hospital & Healthcare Print Ads

  1. This is good collection on of hospital and healthcare print ad, especially the “Cancer Treatment Centers of America ad”. It’s different.

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