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10 People to Meet at #NESHCo2015 Today!

Greetings! One of the benefits of attending a conference is the opportunity to make connections with peers and thought leaders. In this post, I’m sharing a list of ten of my favorite people who are attending the 2015 Conference of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications. These are people I have come to know during my travels to healthcare marketing conferences and summits around the country. Most of them I have know for many years and have developed strong friendships. They are all respected healthcare marketing professionals with an impressive scope of knowledge. Many of these individuals are either speakers at this conference or represent companies exhibiting.

  1. Jeff Steblea – VP Research Analysis & Management, Market Street Research – Jeff is part of my inner sanctum! He is a great guy and his firm does top notch work. They know healthcare. We recently completed a brand perception study together for one of my hospital clients in Massachusetts and his firm’s work was exceptional. Plus, Jeff is a musician and loves craft beer. What’s not to like?
  2. Moses Hohman – CEO, Human Practice – Moses and I met in person two or three years ago in Chicago. We struck up a friendship over some good food (Indian) and even better conversation. His firm helps hospitals stop referral leakage by connecting your docs with the referring docs using proprietary digital technology. Moses gets it! He’s also married to an incredibly smart woman (a physician) who co-founded Human Practice and brings a clinical perspective to the leadership team.
  3. Joel Cessna – VP of Sales for Eruptr – Joel and I first met when he was working with Medicom Health Interactive. Since then, he has joined Eruptr – experts in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and conversion solutions that yield measurable results. Joel is a good friend and has been a strong supporter of NESHCo for the last three years.
  4. Ahava Leibtag – President, Aha Media Group – Ahava and I first met at one of Mayo Clinic’s social media conferences. We instantly struck a friendship. She is one of the leading content strategists in the business.
  5. Paul Griffiths – President, MedTouch – Paul runs one of the top web development firms in healthcare. We’ve known each other for years and he is one of the people in the industry I turn to for advice/guidance.
  6. Claudia Shellhammer – National Director of Business Development, Spirit of Women/Spirit Health Group – I have a close relationship with Spirit of Women and speak regularly at their conferences. Because of that, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Claudia Shellhammer and many other members of the Spirit Health team. If you aren’t familiar with them, they partner with hospitals and healthcare organizations to more effectively reach women!
  7. Jeff McPherson – Chief Digital Officer, SilverTech – You’ll recognize Jeff because he looks like Chandler Bing from Friends, but he’s much taller! SilverTech is based in Manchester, NH, but is making waves across the country. We recently partnered with them on the development of a new website for WorldCare International. SilverTech is a national digital lifecycle agency designing creative, integrated and interactive technology solutions.
  8. Chad Campbell – Account Manager, SilverTech – Chad is one of the nicest guys in healthcare marketing.  Chad and is firm are big supporters of NESHCo. He was a speaker at last year’s conference. His firm, SilverTech, just sponsored a special NESHCo Marketing After Hours Event in Boston. We attend a lot of the same healthcare marketing conference and I always enjoy reconnecting with him.
  9. Jim Rattray – Bennett Group – Jim joined the Bennett Group just about a year ago. He is a healthcare marketing thought leader and a good friend. Well worth getting to know.
  10. Dewey Mooring – VP, Jennings – Dewey is one of my colleagues. We have worked together on and off since 1989. Dewey is the lead marketer and strategist on many of our accounts including Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. He was a speaker, together with Hope Rush of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, at last year’s NESHCo conference.

That’s my list. Enjoy the conference. If you happen to see me wandering around, please come up and say hello. I’m here to meet people, renew acquaintances and reconnect with good friends – and learn!

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